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SOG Fall

The Fall 2015
State of Grantseeking™ Survey

Do you have grantseeking experience and opinions? Please share your knowledge and make a valuable contribution to the development field by clicking here to respond to the survey.

As a part of the grantseeking community, you know how important it is to stay on top of trends. The State of Grantseeking Survey, conducted twice a year, spotlights recent developments in funding so that organizations can be more strategic in their grantseeking. The resulting free reports, published in early November, can serve as a valuable benchmark for organizations to review their grantseeking efforts, and will provide leading-edge information months earlier than other annual surveys. Click here to respond!

The State of Grantseeking is underwritten by:

Online Education Trainings

Webinar PageGrantStation offers online education through webinars. A key feature of a webinar is its interactive elements - the ability to give, receive, and discuss information - and all LIVE GrantStation webinars enable attendee participation, questions, and discussion. Check out the new Group Rate: Between 2-10 people can participate from different locations and/or devices.

Open to the public, GrantStation brings experts into your office. Upcoming presenters include Cynthia Adams, Ann K. Emery, Mindy Hightower King, Judith Margolin, and Alice Ruhnke. Subjects range from Building a Powerful Grants Strategy for 2015 -2016 to Writing Objectives & Performance Measures for Grant Proposals to How to Secure Funding from Foundations, and are geared to assist the grantseeker in their professional development.

Click here to see upcoming webinars, or contact Sara Kennedy to learn more.

Online Education Spotlight:
Data Visualization Design Principles

Preparing graphs for an upcoming grant report? Need to share data at your staff meeting or board retreat? Instead of relying on your software program's outdated settings, learn how to transform confusing and cluttered graphs into great communication tools.

During this 90-minute presentation, Ann K. Emery will discuss data visualization best practices, such as: reducing chart clutter by adjusting boarders, grid lines, and tick marks; labeling your numbers and axes; choosing the appropriate amount of decimal places; ensuring that your text size is hierarchical and readable; matching visualization colors to your nonprofit's logo; emphasizing key findings with color; selecting text colors that sufficiently contrast with your background; and, writing titles, subtitles, and annotations that summarize your main point.

We'll pause a few times during the webinar for hands-on practice with Microsoft Excel. For example, after we discuss text legibility, you'll transform hard-to-read diagonal text into easier-to-read text. Then, after we go over color palettes, you'll apply custom RGB codes to your own graph. Materials for hands-on practice will be shared with registrants a few days before the webinar. This presentation will be held on Thursday, September 10, 2015.

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Searching for Grantseeking Skill Development?


We know that navigating the rough terrain of the grantseeking world isn't easy. Let GrantStation's new PathFinder guide you on your journey to improved skills and career growth.

We are committed to helping you develop your grantseeking skills. PathFinder is a free, interactive website designed to assist you in evaluating your professional development goals and in discovering the right resources to achieve those goals.

  • The Find Your Path tool provides a customized learning plan based on your experience, organizational role, and interests.

  • The Library provides profiles on quality resources in grant research, writing, and management, as well as in strategic planning, that you can use to strengthen your ability to secure grant awards.

Start on your personalized path to grantseeking success today!

GrantStation PathFinder

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Funding Snapshots

Updated weekly, these funding opportunities provide a snapshot of what GrantStation can offer

OSF Logo

Open Society Foundations: Soros Justice Fellowship Program
The Soros Justice Fellowship Program supports individuals who will further its mission of reducing the nation's over-reliance on policies of punishment and incarceration, and restoring discretion and fairness to the U.S. criminal justice system. Click above to learn more about the funding guidelines and application process.

AKW Logo

Anne Klein Women's Award
The Anne Klein Women's Award, an initiative of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, honors women who courageously and perseveringly advocate for human rights, equality, and sexual self-determination. Click above to learn more about the Award.