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Fruit Tree Logo

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation: Fruit Tree 101
P.O. Box 81881
Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: 831-621-8096
Fax: 831-621-7978
Email: info@ftpf.org
Url: http://www.ftpf.org/fruittree101.htm

Geographic Scope:

Type of Organization: Foundation

Total Annual Giving:  Not Available

Grant Details:
Tree donations are provided.

Eligibility Requirements:
K-12 public schools

Application Deadlines:

Areas of Interest:
The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is dedicated to planting edible, fruitful trees and plants to benefit the environment and all its inhabitants.

The Foundation's Fruit Tree 101 program brings fruit tree orchards to K-12 public schools throughout the U.S. to provide generations of students with environmental education opportunities and a source of organic fruit for improved school lunch nutrition.

Orchard donations involve, on average, about 12 to 20 trees minimum to public schools. The trees, materials, orchard installation design work, and onsite environmental curriculum with students are all donated, free of charge for the benefit of the school and its students.

Note: The Foundation also donates orchards to nonprofit organizations and government agencies to enhance community gardens, city and state parks, low-income neighborhoods, Native American reservations, etc. Visit the Foundation’s website for more information.

Application Procedures:
Application guidelines and forms for the Fruit Tree 101 program are available on the Foundation's website.


Last Updated: 6/1/2015