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V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation
475 Riverside Drive
Suite 900
New York, NY

Phone: 212-812-4271
Fax: 212-812-4299
Email: grants@vkrf.org
Url: http://www.vkrf.org

Primary Contact:
Ms. Irene Krarup
Executive Director
Email: ikrarup@vkrf.org

Geographic Scope:

Type of Organization: Foundation

Total Annual Giving:  $5,879,000

Grant Range: $5,000 - $200,000

Eligibility Requirements:
Nonprofit organizations

Application Deadlines:
Letters of inquiry: January 12 and September 14, 2016
(The 2017 deadlines will be available in late 2016.)

Areas of Interest:
The mission of the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation is to support the transition to an environmentally resilient, stable, and sustainable planet.

The Foundation primarily supports work in the United States, on national and international level issues. Any non-U.S. funding must be multinational in scope.

The Foundation supports small and mid-size organizations with demonstrated leadership in developing strategy, communicating vision, and effective project performance.

Grants are provided for projects that fall within one of the following categories:

Framework of Ecological Stability
The focus is on:

  • economic models of living within global limits and practical implementation of change to a stable global ecosystem; and,
  • sustainable consumption, production, and land use.

Communication and Leadership
The focus is on:

  • communicating value-based living with sustainable use of water, energy, and food resources;
  • new innovative initiatives to enhance international cooperation and knowledge-sharing; and,
  • next generation leadership.

Ecosystems Resilience, Protection, and Restoration
The focus is on:

  • ecosystems services (research and tools of relevance to large geographic areas including many countries and continents);
  • natural greenhouse gas sequestration and storage with large-scale impact potential; and,
  • agro-biodiversity.

The Foundation prefers to support projects that:

  • take stock of the scale of the environmental problems;
  • use a systems approach to achieve change;
  • link policy, advocacy, and practical solutions;
  • have international significance and perspective, even if U.S.-based; and,
  • are based on original thinking and creative ideas.

Grants are not awarded to/for:

  • for-profit organizations;
  • organizations without a 501(c)(3) certification (fiscal sponsors with certification can be used);
  • general operations of well-established NGO programs;
  • large membership organizations or networks;
  • candidates for political office;
  • U.S. projects with a specific local, state, or regional focus (with the exception of the Greenwood, SC, area);
  • non-U.S. projects focused on single countries or specific continents;
  • conservative projects focused on one single species;
  • government organizations;
  • individual scholarships or other support to individuals;
  • book, magazine, or web-based publishing;
  • film, TV, radio, or video projects;
  • medical research;
  • healthcare;
  • regranting organizations;
  • established university research programs;
  • capital construction or endowments campaigns; or,
  • benefits or annual fundraising campaigns.
Application Procedures:
Application guidelines are available on the Foundation's website.

EIN: 22-3101266

Last Updated: 7/1/2016