GrantStation Online Education Trainings

GrantStation offers online education through webinars. Short for web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet. A key feature of a webinar is its interactive elements -- the ability to give, receive and discuss information. All of GrantStation's webinars are excellent additions to your grantseeking arsenal.

In order to participate in a GrantStation webinar, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Computer speakers (for streaming audio)*
    This has been a highly requested feature and we are proud to announce this option for our webinar participants..
  • An internet connection

*The audio portion of the webinars is streaming audio through your computer speakers. You can use your computer or iPad (with downloaded app). If you cannot access the audio through your computer speakers, contact Sara Kennedy for more information. Mobile devices only receive the audio portion, not online viewing.

Our Presenters

Cynthia M. Adams

Cynthia M. Adams has been a fundraiser for over 35 years. Working directly for nonprofits and as a fundraising consultant, Ms. Adams specializes in building bridges between funders and grantseekers. She strongly believes that successful grantseeking requires a thorough understanding of the funders and sound knowledge of the playing field. Her life's work has been to level that playing field, creating an opportunity for all nonprofit organizations to access the wealth of grant opportunities throughout the world.

Carol Freedman

Carol Freedman, owner of from ideas to deadlines consulting, works with nonprofits to obtain grants for human service, community development, education and housing projects. For over ten years, Carol has written successful proposals to private foundations, corporate giving programs and government agencies, enabling her clients to match their passion with appropriate resources. Carol helps organizations understand how to identify and carefully assess potential funding opportunities and to build their capacity to implement funding plans and develop programs. Carol lives in Camas, Washington.

Katie Kern

Katie Kern is the Director of Program Administration at United Charitable Programs (UCP). She is the main point of contact for any questions regarding sponsored program operations, policies, forms, etc. Katie works to ensure that programs run smoothly and have the tools necessary to flourish. Since starting with UCP in 2006, she has been committed to helping our programs succeed. United Charitable Programs currently sponsors more than 500 charitable programs.

Judith Margolin

Judith Margolin is an independent consultant and workshop leader on foundations and grants. She served as Vice President for Planning and Evaluation at the Foundation Center for a number of years. She has devoted her career to philanthropy and is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations secure the funding they require to fulfill their valuable missions. She is the author of several books, including The Individual’s Guide to Grants and Financing a College Education and has served as editor of multiple editions of the Foundation Center’s how-to books, including Foundation Fundamentals, Guide to Proposal Writing, Grantseeker’s Guide to Winning Proposals, and After the Grant. She lives in Stamford, Connecticut.

Johanna Morariu & Ann Emery

Johanna Morariu and Ann Emery are evaluators at Innovation Network, a nonprofit evaluation, research, and consulting firm in Washington, DC. Innovation Network's mission is to provide knowledge and expertise to help nonprofits and funders learn from their work and improve their results. Johanna Morariu, Director, leads the organization's consulting and research projects, including the ongoing State of Evaluation project. Ann Emery, Associate, specializes in data analysis and data visualization. Both Johanna and Ann are passionate about engaging nonprofit staff as partners and building evaluation capacity. To learn more, contact Johann and Ann on Twitter: @j_morariu and @annkemery.

Alice Ruhnke

Over the past ten years, Alice Ruhnke has worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations to help them increase their organizational capacity and secure funding. In 2006, a long time aspiration was achieved when she launched The Grant Advantage, a highly individualized business that offers grant writing and editing services, workshop facilitation, program development, evaluation and logic model development, and comprehensive funding research. Alice has raised almost $3.7 million writing federal, state, foundation, and corporate grants and has been in charge of awarding and monitoring federal funds to nonprofit organizations throughout West Virginia. Alice is also the lead trainer for the Mountain State Leaders Program, which provides West Virginia's full time AmeriCorps members with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully take on leadership roles in their communities.

Tanisha Williams

Tanisha Williams is the President of JD Accounting Solutions, a company established to assist nonprofit organizations in developing sound accounting practices. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Accounting, and over 12 years of experience conducting detailed financial audits of government funded programs. As an auditor, Tanisha gained a great deal of insight into the financial operations and needs of the nonprofit business sector, and she also received the training necessary for applying accounting principles to nonprofit funder requirements. With this knowledge and experience, Tanisha now uses her expertise to ensure that nonprofits are in compliance with the laws, regulations, and reporting requirements of funding agencies.

Jessica Wilson & Spencer Perlman

As Grants Director for Washington Strategic Consulting, Jessica possesses an intimate knowledge of federal grants. She specializes in grants research and tracking, reporting and analysis, management of grants programs and processes, and strategic authorship of proposals and related intelligence. She has developed dozens of grant applications spanning the full breadth of federal agencies.

Spencer Perlman has more than 15 years experience in Washington, DC, providing grants management and government relations counsel to health systems, disease advocacy groups, professional societies, social service organizations, health insurers, biotechnology firms, and public and private universities. He assists clients in building grants management programs that include processes for identifying, tracking, and forecasting opportunities, and he takes an active role in the authorship of federal grant proposals.

Time Zones

All GrantStation webinars take place at 2 PM Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in their description. Look below to identify what time the webinar will take place in your location:

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Current Online Education Training Offerings

We offer multiple types of webinars:

  • FREE webinars have no cost and only require you to sign up.
  • (NEW) webinars are being offered for the first time by GrantStation.

Webinars without an additional identifier are a part of our regular offerings.

The audio portion of our webinars is streaming audio through your computer speakers. You can use your computer or iPad (with downloaded app). If you cannot access the audio through your computer speakers, contact Sara Kennedy for more information. Mobile devices only receive the audio portion, not online viewing.

Writing Federal Grants

The federal government is increasingly interested in funding the important work done by community and faith-based groups throughout the country. Every year the government releases millions of dollars to help nonprofit organizations serve their communities. During this webinar, Alice Ruhnke will talk about how to identify federal grant opportunities, and she'll outline the major elements of grant applications required by most federal agencies. Resources to help your organization through the government grant seeking process will also be discussed. This webinar will be held Thursday, March 5, 2015 and is for intermediate participants. Visit the link above to register.

Thursday March 5, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.), 90 minutes
Fee: $89.00 per person, $150.00 per site

The Anatomy of a Business Plan for Social Enterprise: It's not brain surgery! (NEW)

If your nonprofit's traditional funding sources are not as reliable as in the past, it might be time to invest in social enterprise to protect your vital programs and services. Many savvy nonprofits have successfully launched an earned income venture and are generating sustainable funds as a result. Is your organization ready to learn more? In this fast-paced webinar, Jean Block, a nonprofit trainer who has guided nearly 100 nonprofits from idea to business plan, will explain what social enterprise is - and isn't - and explore the critical steps required to develop a business plan for social enterprise. Writing a business plan for a social enterprise isn't difficult when it is based on thorough market research and feasibility studies. It's not brain surgery and it's not rocket science! Follow the necessary steps and your organization, too, can find sustainable funding. This webinar will be held Thursday, March 12, 2015. Visit the link above to register.

Thursday March 12, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.), 90 minutes
Fee: $89.00 per person, $150.00 per site

How to Track Restricted Grants in QuickBooks

Wouldn't it be great if at any point during a grant's life cycle you could simply push a button and see exactly how much and to which categories the grant dollars have been spent? Considered the country's foremost expert in using QuickBooks for nonprofits, Gregg S. Bossen, CPA, will demonstrate how to easily and accurately track restricted grants in QuickBooks. Participants will learn how to set up a restricted grant, enter the grant budget, mark checks and bills as being paid out of the grant, point payroll to the grant, and finally create a memorized report to see how the dollars have been spent and compare the results to the grant budget. Gregg will be working in QuickBooks throughout the webinar. No power point slides here! There will also be plenty of time for questions. And one more thing: Gregg is really entertaining! This webinar will be held Thursday, March 19, 2015. Visit the link above to register.

Thursday March 19, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.), 90 minutes
Fee: $89.00 per person, $150.00 per site

FREE Tour of the GrantStation Website

Join Jeremy Smith, GrantStation's Communications and Technology Director, for a free webinar that offers a short tour of the GrantStation website. This tour will provide tips on the most effective way to use all of the valuable resources the website offers, including the extensive funder databases that can help you identify the right grantmaker for any program or project. There will be plenty of time for questions. This webinar will be held Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Visit the link above to register.

Tuesday March 24, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.), 60 minutes
Fee: Free

How to Craft a Proposal to a Foundation

Proposal writing is the skill most sought after by savvy nonprofit staff members. On the one hand, writing a grant proposal is quite simple and follows a basic formula. However, submitting a proposal may be your only chance to put the case for funding your organization in front of a foundation, so you want to be sure to do it right. In this webinar, Judith Margolin provides invaluable tips on developing a compelling proposal narrative, what your proposal package should include, how to let your funder take the lead, and advice on writing and submission techniques that get your proposal noticed by foundation decision makers. This webinar is for beginning and intermediate grantwriters who want to learn specifically about proposals to foundations. The webinar will be held on Thursday, March 26, 2015. Visit the link above to register.

Thursday March 26, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.), 90 minutes
Fee: $89.00 per person, $150.00 per site

Procurement, Tracking Program Progress, and Monitoring of Federal Grants (NEW)

This webinar will give participants detailed understanding of three important aspects of federal grant administration. Federal agencies have specific requirements for purchasing items paid for with grant funds. Ms. Valerie Mann will discuss what those requirements are and will give specific examples so that participants will come away with a clear understanding of when specific procurement methods must be used and what each of those methods entail. Reporting of program progress is also a requirement of most federal grants. In this webinar Ms. Mann will describe the types of information that must be collected and offer suggestions for the most efficient means of data collection. Worksheets from tracking the most common types of outcomes will also be presented. Participants will learn how to collect this data on a continuous basis so that reporting time can be handled as quickly and easily as possible. Grant monitoring is arguably the most stressful time in grant administration. Ms. Mann will discuss when to expect a visit, how to prepare, and how to handle the visit itself. This webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Visit the link above to register.

Wednesday April 1, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.), 90 minutes
Fee: $89.00 per person, $150.00 per site

An Introduction to Designing and Administering Surveys (NEW)

Surveys are one of the most commonly used (and abused!) data collection tools of the Internet era. However, data collected through surveys are only useful when well-designed, well-administered survey instruments are used. In this webinar, Mindy Hightower King will discuss how to design a user-friendly and valid survey instrument, detailing elements of well-written questions, design characteristics to increase participation, and considerations for selecting and organizing question formats. The webinar will also present strategies for determining the best administration strategy (online, paper/pencil, telephone) for your survey, based on characteristics of your intended respondents and the nature of the survey questions. The webinar will conclude with a discussion of response rates and sampling as they relate to measuring program outcomes. This webinar will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2015. Visit the link above to register.

Thursday April 2, 2015 2:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.), 90 minutes
Fee: $89.00 per person, $150.00 per site