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Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America Logo

Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America: Safety Grants Program
P.O. Box 356
Marshfield, WI

Phone: 715-898-1263
Email: info@ashca.org
Url: http://www.ashca.org/safety-grants-program/

Primary Contact:
Ms. Barbara Lee
Executive Director
Email: barbara@ashca.org

Geographic Scope:

Type of Organization: Other Sources

Total Annual Giving:  Not Available

Grant Details:
Grants of up to $10,000 are provided.

Eligibility Requirements:
Agricultural organizations and individuals

Application Deadlines:
January 7, 2015
(The 2016 deadline will be available in the fall of 2015.)

Areas of Interest:
The Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA) promotes safe agricultural work environments that result in healthy lives and profitable farms.

The ASHCA Safety Grants Program supports agricultural safety and health interventions at the local or regional level in order to facilitate timely application of evidence-based safety and health strategies to protect agricultural workers.

With a theme of “strengthening partnerships for safety” the priority for ASHCA’s 2015 grants are projects that:

  • engage both management and workers in the planning and delivery of safety;
  • facilitate new partnerships for providing timely, effective safety programs;
  • reach out to stakeholders that have limited access to safety programs;
  • implement evidence-based, agricultural safety and health strategies; and,
  • have the potential for being sustained following the grant period.

Applicants should be engaged in agriculture-related production, education and training, and/or research. The key contact will generally meet one or more the following criteria:

  • farm or agribusiness owner (farmer, grower, producer, rancher);
  • agricultural organization representative;
  • agricultural community-based organization or service leader;
  • agribusiness risk manager or safety advisor;
  • safety or public health academic instructor; and/or,
  • an agricultural youth organization representative.

Grants of up to $10,000 are provided to implement existing programs and interventions that have demonstrated effectiveness.

Grants are not provided to address rural recreational issues and are not intended for creating new education resources, e.g. videotapes, brochures, where similar products currently exist.

Application Procedures:
Application guidelines are available on the ASHCA website.

Last Updated: 10/1/2014